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At LUMA studios we all love what we do! We are a rapidly growing group of creative and experienced photographers, videographers and designers who are willing to work for a fraction of what we usually charge to fill our work schedules on those days when we don’t have any bookings in our own studios. 


Our team at LUMA Studios came together and  brainstormed ideas on how to keep prices affordable so we can offer you high-quality photographic and videography content. This means you can have access to an established photographer for a fraction of what he or she would usually charge. 

We continuously train every creative in our group so they each deliver a very similar and consistent image and film quality. We are a driven team, all highly qualified, trained and certified wedding and portrait photographers, and excited to provide you with the best client experience possible. 


At LUMA studios we offer not only photography and videography services but also offer prime quality wedding albums, stunning 3D and elegant print wall art.


Questions? Let us 
know and we'll get back to you ASAP. 

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